The Peloponnesian War

Themistocles rebuilds the walls of Athens.

The death of Pausanias.

Themistocles and Cimon found the Delian League.

Naxos tries to withdraw in 468 BC and is forced back into the League by Cimon.

Cimon defeats Persian navy in Battle of Eurymedon River in 466 BC.

Thasos attempts to withdraw from the League.

Themistocles ostracized 471 BC.

Cimon vs. Ephialtes and Pericles.

Earthquake in Sparta in 464 BC leads to downfall of Cimon; assassination of Ephialtes.

Athens builds the 4 1/2 mile Long Walls to the Piraeus (457 BC).

Battle of Tanagra 457 BC

Pericles moves the League's treasury to Athens (454) and democratizes the constitution. The Parthenon

Pericles signs five year truce with Sparta in 451 and makes a deal with Cimon.

Death of Cimon

The Peace of Callias and end of the Persian Wars (449-448 BC).

Collapse of the Athenian land empire; Pericles signs a 30 year peace treaty with Sparta (445 BC).

The Affairs of Corcyra, Potidea (revolts 432), and Megara; underlying causes of the Peloponnesian War.

Theban commandos attack Plataea and begin Peloponnesian War.

King Archidamas invades with 60,000 troops (431 BC).

Pericles' strategy for victory.

Plague and death of Pericles.

Plutarch's and Thucydides' judgements of Pericles.

The Pylos incident (425 BC). The Athenian general Demosthenes and the demagogue Cleon, the tanner.

Cleon vs. Nicias; the Spartan surrender at Sphacteria.

The lost chance for peace.

Deaths of Cleon and Brasidas at Amphipolis (422 BC). The Peace of Nicias and 50 Year Alliance between Sparta and Athens (421 BC).

Supporters and opponents of the Peace of Nicias.

Surrender of Melos (416)

Segesta asks for military aid.

Nicias' trick.

Affair of the Hermae (415); departure of Sicilian expedition and arrest of Alcibiades.

Defection of Alcibiades (415); The Peloponnesian War begins again and Sparta seizes Decelea (413 BC).

Demosthenes arrives with reinforcements.

The eclipse of the moon and defeat of Athenians (Sept. 413).

Nicias and Demosthenes killed; 33,000 killed, 7,000 captured.

Spartans sign treaty with Artaxerxes.

Revolt of the Four Hundred (411 BC)

Return of Alcibiades and victory of Cyzicus (April 410); exiled again.

The affair of the Arginusae Islands (406 BC).

The Spartan admiral Lysander and his victory at Aegispotami (405).

Three month siege of Athens; destruction of Long Walls (404 BC).

Death of Alcibiades (404).

Fall of the 30 Tyrants (403) and restoration of democracy.