The Persian Wars

Aristagoras, tyrant of Miletus, convinces his satrap Artaphernes to approve of an invasion of Naxos. He fails and revolts.

Athens agrees to help with 20 ships.

Failure of the Ionian Revolt. "Master, remember the Athenians!"

First invasion by Mardonius, 492 B.C.

Second invasion under Artaphernes Jr. and Datis.

Persians land in Euboea. Philippides. The Marathon myth.

Miltiades and the board of 10 generals.

Miltiades' strategy.

The end of the battle. The Spartans finally show up.

Death of Darius and revolt of Egypt.

Miltiades and Paros.

Ostracism and the rise of Themistocles.

In 487 B.C. Themistocles makes the archonship a lottery; new importance of the board of 10 generals.

Stories about Xerxes' character.

Thermopylae and the advance guard under Leonidas.

The navy at Cape Artemisium and Themistocles' plan of starving out the Persians.

The Spartan admiral Eurybiades leads the allied fleet.

The Battle of Thermopylae.

Retreat to Salamis and Themistocles' "wooden walls."

Eurybiades and the proposed retreat to the Isthmus of Corinth. Themistocles' threat.

Themistocles and Xerxes.

The Battle of Salamis.

Pausanias vs. Mardonius at Plataea.

Battle of Mt. Mycale.