Old and Middle Kingdoms of Egypt

Two decipherments

The 31 dynasties and Three Kingdoms

The Old Kingdom (2755-2255 BC)

The Middle Kingdom (1991-1786 BC)

The New Kingdom (1570-1070 BC)


Herodotus and the Egyptian calendar

Upper and Lower Egypt

Menes: The first dynasty (3100 B.C.) and the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt

The Narmer palette


Early mastaba tombs

Zoser and the 3rd dynasty: start of Old Kingdom (2700 B.C.)

Imhotep and the Step Pyramid at Memphis

The famous 4th dynasty pyramids at Gizeh

The Song of the Harper

The Great Pyramid of Khufu (Cheops)

Chephren and the Sphinx

Menkure: The Third Pyramid

The job of pharaoh

The 40 nomes of Egypt

The Vizier

Signs of collapse of the Old Kingdom (5-6 dynasties)

The Twelfth Dynasty and the Middle Kingdom

The Hyksos invasion; Israel in Egypt

King Sekenenre of Thebes fights the Hyksos ruler Apophis

Sekenenre's mummy

Kamose smites the Asiatics

Ahmose drives out Hyksos and establishes New Kingdom (18th dynasty)

Characteristics of New Kingdom: women and the church

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