The Hundred Years' War

Causes of the war:

1. The Flanders wool trade: Jacob von Artevelde

2. Edward III of England claims the French throne.

3. English possession of the Aquitaine.

4. French aid and encouragement to Scottish freedom fighters.

1356. King John of France captured by English: his son Charles (the Wise) becomes regent of France. Revolt of the Estates General led by Etienne Marcel.

1358. Jacquerie.

1360. Edward III renounces claim to the French throne.

1369-1380. War resumes and French victorious under Charles "the Wise."

1380. Charles VI comes to French throne; his lack of talent; trouble with apanages; Burgundians control Flanders and so become pro-English.

1415. Henry V of England wins at Agincourt. Burgundians take over Paris.

1420. Charles declares his son the Dauphin (Charles VII) illegitimate and adopts Henry V of England.

1422. Death of Charles VI and Henry V. Joan of Arc.

1449-1451. English driven out of Normandy and Aquitaine. French win Hundred Years' War.