Decline and Fall

West Germans and East Germans

The Huns, the Visigoths, Gratian, Valens, and the Battle of Hadrianople

The Rise of Alaric

Honorius and Arcadius: Formal Split of Roman and Byzantine Empires (395 A.D.)

The Vandal Stilicho vs. the Visigoth Alaric. Death of Stilicho.

Alaric burns Rome, 410 A.D.

Fall of the Roman Empire in the West, 476 A.D. Odovacer, Romulus Augustulus, Zeno, and Theodoric.

Justinian and Theodora

The Nika riots

Byzantine Conquest of Rome by Belisarius and Narses; Fatal Sack of Rome by Totila 546 A.D. Death of Totila. Consequences of the "Conquest."

Hagia Sophia

The Corpus Juris Civilis: Codex, Novels, Digest, and Institutes

The Roman Law of Persons: Male Head of Household, Children, Slaves, and Women. Rights and Responsibilities

The Roman Law of Things: Contracts and Obligations, Delicts and Theft

The Roman Law of Actions

Criminal Trials and Capital Offenses.