Diocletian and Constantine

The Silver Age.

Causes of the fall of the Roman Empire

The 2nd law of thermodynamics

Unequal distribution of land; Septimius Severus and Caracalla

Increasing power of the army

Persians and Germans



The Tetrarchy

Diocletian and Maximian

Galerius and Constantius

Diocletian's changes in the empire

Persian Court ceremonial and eunuchs

Trouble collecting taxes

Wage and Price Controls: The Edict of Prices

Persecution of the Christians

Trouble over the succession

Constantine and Maxentius fight at the Milvian Bridge

Constantine and Licinius issue the Edict of Milan against Maximin Daia

Licinius' non-sectarian prayer in Battle of Adrianople against Maximin Daia

Pagan eclecticism in religion

The nature of Constantine's conversion

Death of Licinius


The Donatist Heresy

Explanation of the Arian Heresy

Heraclitus, Plato, and Zeno

Arius and Bishop Alexander

The Council at Nicaea. Athanasius; the homoousion.

Athanasius vs. Arius

The fall of Constantine's House