Introduction to Course

Humans as hunter-gatherers

Civilized views of "cave men":

The Romantic view of Rousseau

The gloomy view of Thomas Hobbes

The Neolithic Revolution--Why did it take place?

Time frame

Ancient Theories of the Origin of Agriculture

The hero myth

Greek Rationalistic Explanations (see Lucretius)

Troubles with the ancient theories

How could "heroes" know farming would work?

Why would wild plants coöperate?

The Truth (as we know it, anyway)

Co-evolution of humans and plants

Farming a question of degree

Description of Mesopotamia--The Fertile Crescent?

Land dries out 13,000-10,000 B.P. with end of last ice age.

Evidence for gradual transition from hunting to agriculture.

Cain and Abel

How agriculture changes society--specialization of labor

Growth of early cities