St. Paul and the Early Church

Paul and the Hellenistic Greek Diaspora.

Paul's conversion

The Road to Damascus

Paul and the Law. The Mission to the Gentiles

St. James the Righteous.

Paul's arrest and death

The fate of James' church

"Communism" and the early Church

Break down in discipline in the early Church

Paul's letters and the tradition of apostolic authority

Paul's First Epistle to the Corinthians

Courts and pagan judges

Speaking in Tongues (chapter 13)

women, temptation, and long hair

The Delay of the Parousia

See John 3: 16-17

Two dangerous beliefs

The Apocalypse

Paul's belief in "justification by faith" and predestination

From democracy to apostolic succession; Pentecost

The hierarchy of the Church: priests, bishops, metropolitans, patriarchs (Rome, Constantinople, Jerusalem, Alexandria, Antioch).

Imagined and real threats from Christianity to the Roman Empire

Pliny's letter to the Emperor Trajan.