The Second Triumvirate

Caesar's dictatorship:

Caesar's reforms: building projects, reduction of interest, poor relief, the calendar of Sosignes, sumptuary laws.

Senatorial opposition; the consulship; insults

The conspiracy. Gaius Cassius and Marcus Brutus. The assassination

Mark Antony and the funeral

Caesar's will and Gaius Octavius

Antony and Lepidus in Rome; Brutus and Cassius in the East to raise troops and money.

Antony becomes governor of Gaul to fight Decimus Brutus.

Senate tries to play Octavian off against Antony.

Octavian crosses the Rubicon and is elected consul.

Antony links up with Lepidus.

Octavian meets with Antony and Lepidus at Bononia.

The Tribal Assembly recognized the Second Triumvirate "for restoring the republic." Proscriptions

Battle of Philippi. Deaths of Brutus and Cassius.

Octavian's character

Brundisium Conference 40 BC

Octavia; the division of East and West

Tarentum Conference 37BC

Antony marries Cleopatra

36 BC Defeat of Sextus Pompey and "retirement" of Lepidus, the Pontifex Maximus

Antony's Defeat in the Parthian Invasion

Antony defeated in Parthian invasio

34 B.C. The Donations of Alexandria


The Battle of Actium 31 B.C.

Death of Antony, Cleopatra, and Caesarion