The First Triumvirate

Sulla retires. Pompey the Great becomes the Senate's champion.

Pompey and the Pirates [Story of Caesar and the pirates]. Pompey conquers the Middle East.

Pompey returns from the East and requests: Land for his veterans, and ratification of his treaties.

Crassus and the publicani.

Caesar returns in 60 B.C. from Spain, looking for the consulship, the last rung on the cursus honorum; Marcus Bibulus and the "hills and dales."

The First Triumvirate

The consulship of Caesar and Bibulus (59 B.C.). The pay off.

Pompey's land bill; Bibulus watches the skies for omens.

Crassus and the publicans.

Caesar gets Gaul for 5 years as his province (where he stays for 9 years and creates France).

Julia marries Pompey.

The Luca conference (56 B.C.). Pompey and Crassus consuls for 55.

Crassus killed in Syria, 54 B.C.

Death of Julia.

Rioting in 52; Pompey chosen "sole consul." Death of the Triumvirate.

Caesar's argument with the Senate. The tribune Mark Antony. Caesar crosses the Rubicon.

Pompey leaves Italy for Greece.

Caesar in Rome; the tribune Lucius Metellus.

Caesar's Spanish campaign.

Caesar crosses to Epirus; death of Bibulus.

Antony crosses with reinforcements; the siege of Dyrrhachium.

The march into Thessaly. Pompey's problems with the Senate.

Over confidence in Pompey's camp.

The Battle of Pharsalus.

Death of Pompey in Egypt. Ptolemy XIV and Cleopatra.

Caesar in Egypt: The burning of the library of Alexandria; death of Ptolemy; Caesarion

Pharnaces: veni, vidi, vici; Campaigns in Africa and Spain